Elissar Global products have been widely used in the aerospace industry to design and fly cost-saving operational maneuvers.  Our products have also been used to also discover one-of-a-kind practical solutions, the most famous of this being the discovery and flight implementation of the “zero-propellant maneuver” on board the International Space Station.

Elissar Global products have also been used to design launch vehicle trajectories, orbital maneuvers, re-entry guidance algorithms, halo-orbit designs, formation-keeping strategies for both Keplerian and non-Keplerian motion, solar sailing, interplanetary missions, aerobraking, aerocapture, attitude stabilization and slewing.

Elissar Global provides consulting services to solve a broad range of problems in aerospace.  Contact Elissar Global for further inquiries.



Elissar Global products have been used to design and implement optimal collision-free maneuvers for multi-link robotic manipulators. Our products can generate and executes rapid precision motion of multiple robotic manipulators working cooperatively in an obstacle-cluttered environment. We have developed a key technology for obstacle avoidance of multi-link systems that allows the robotic arms to autonomously move in time-varying configuration spaces thereby exploiting cooperation in the integrated system space to achieve motions not possible by other techniques.  A customer-specific system can be designed, tested and delivered.  Contact Elissar Global for further inquiries.




Unmanned Systems

Elissar Global products have been used to design and implement cooperative and non-cooperative guidance of unmanned systems across all strata of the environment: underwater, surface, ground, air and space.  Our products have designed guidance algorithms for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs)  that exploit hydrodynamics in a distinctive manner to generate counter-intuitive motions to facilitate specific mission requirements.  Application of our products to Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) range from the classic parallel parking maneuver to sector keeping of a team of UGVs. For Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), our products have been used to design high-endurance loitering trajectories that are neither circles or “figure eights”.  Our products are capable of meeting all mission requirements while producing the best solution that maximizes mission effectiveness to cost ratio.



Elissar Global has been a leader in the emerging field of energy management for data centers. Our real-time-optimal control (RTOC) technology has the capability to significantly reduce the energy consumption of data centers while meeting all performance specifications for processing customer applications.  We have partnered with leading Silicon Valley businesses to develop this technology.