KR8100 Series Aerospace Solutions

Attitude Control Solutions (ACS) – Perform optimal slew maneuvers and more!

The KR8110/ACS system seamlessly integrates in mission operations and maneuver design for maximizing the agility of a spacecraft. The system can be used for spacecraft that are already in orbit by installing this solution in a ground station or new satellite systems as part of the flight software.  The agility enhancing system allows operators to plan and execute optimal slew maneuvers for maximizing profit. Additional features include the ability to minimize power consumption, adapt to failed actuators, and respond rapidly to last-minute slewing requests.  The technology behind the KR 8100 series/ACS has already been flight proven by momentum dumping maneuvers on International Space Station and time optimal slews on the TRACE space telescope. 


Launch Vehicle Solutions (LVS) – Plan and execute launch-on-demand

The KR8110/LVS ground system provides faster than real-time solutions for launch vehicle trajectory generation. This capability allows mission ops personnel and mission engineers to quickly evaluate trajectory options in uncertain environments with the goal of maximizing safety based on tailored performance metrics. The KR8110/LVS system can be paired with the KR8120/LVS system to deploy a fully integrated ground-space solution for launch-on-demand. The baseline KR8120/LVS system is not radiation hardened; however, a rad-hard solution are constructed per customer’s specifications.


Unmanned Air Vehicle Solutions (UAVS) – Increase mission effectiveness

The KR8110/UAVS ground system provides a cost-effective approach for enhancing the mission effectiveness of a UAV. A mission operator can autonomously fly a UAV to a selected location, loiter in the neighborhood, fly to a different location, and repeat the process over a collection of tasks – all while minimizing fuel consumption and maximizing endurance. These cost-effective measures are possible by leveraging the KR8110/UAVS system to generate counter-intuitive solutions that cannot be generated by any other technology available today. The KR8110/UAVS system can be paired with an onboard KR8120/UAVS system for fully autonomous operations including obstacle avoidance. A requirement-specific distributed system can be designed for cooperative flight of multiple UAVS.


Robotic Manipulator Solutions (RMS) – Perform precision motion with minimum cost

The KR8110/RMS system generates and executes rapid precision motion of multiple robotic manipulators working cooperatively in an obstacle-cluttered environment. A key technology for obstacle avoidance of multi-link systems is integrated in the KR8110/RMS system. This concept allows the robotic arms to autonomously move in time-varying configuration spaces thereby exploiting cooperation in the integrated system space to achieve motions not possible by other techniques. A customer-specific system can be designed, tested and delivered. Contact Elissar Global for further inquiries.


Unmanned Ground Vehicle Solutions (UGVS) – Guarantee mission success

Planning, generating and executing the motion of a collection of UGVs in an uncertain adversarial environment is one of the grand challenges in unmanned systems. The KR8110/UGVS system provides a key enabling technology in addressing this challenge by generating real-time, obstacle-free feasible trajectories. The system exploits all of the available environmental information to generate real-time solutions. The environmental information can be updated and the KR8110/UGVS system can provide real-time updated solutions for instantaneous execution. Contact Elissar Global to determine if your system can be retrofitted with the KR8110/UGVS solution.


Reentry Solutions (RES) – Maximize safety in contingency situations

The KR8110/RES system provides the capability to generate high-fidelity real-time footprints for reentry vehicles. These footprints enhance the safety of reentry flight by providing real-time regions of accessibility.  This enables on-demand and re-targeting to different landing sites. Heating-rate constraints, structural constraints, entry-corridor constraints are all integrated in the footprint generation algorithms. Paired with the KR8120/RES, the system can be used on board for adapting to failure modes and autonomous re-targeting operations.


Orbit Transfer Solutions (OTS) – Optimize fuel savings

The KR8110/OTS system allows an operator to rapidly plan and execute optimal finite burn orbital maneuvers. The optimality criteria may be selected from a composite of fuel consumption, maneuver time, power consumption and a host of other possibilities that are necessary for practical implementation. For practical flight, textbook solutions are neither optimal nor realizable. The KR8110/OTS system provides practical, optimal solutions for flight implementation.